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Low T Cell Counts In Babies - Part of the SCID Compass Series

As part of the blood screening during a newborn screening at birth, doctors measure the T cell receptor excision circles or TRECs to test if they are within a normal or abnormal range. Abnormal TREC results could mean that a baby has Severe Combined Immunodeficiency or SCID, or it could be a different condition associated with the immune system. It is essential to learn about the medical steps parents should take if their child has an abnormal result and is diagnosed with low T cells. We will be discussing these medical steps further today with Dr. John Routes.

SCID Compass: Coping with Post-Treatment

For at least a few months after a bone marrow transplant, babies must stay in the hospital, and sometimes in a nearby patient residence, in order to have easy access to medical care during recovery. It’s important for families to develop routines and maintain a support system during that time. This video describes life in post-treatment for families of children with SCID who have undergone a bone marrow transplant.


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